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Sekine History
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 S E K I N E  Canada

Vintage Light Road Bikes

How does one properly pronounce Sekine?

Common pronouciation is Se-kee-nee. The first 'e' has the short vowel sound, as in 'set'. The 'i' and last 'e' are both pronounced with the long 'e' vowel sound.

I was first introduced to Sekine's in the late 80's during preparation for a high school bike tour.  I built my "own" 12 speed from a Peugeot frame and Sekine accessories.  I was told Sekine parts were the best.
25 years later I am getting back into road biking and a Sekine came back into my life after finding one that needed to be dusted off at a garage sale.  I was amazed at how little information is readlity available on the web for these bike's, so I hope a little more information and photos will help out someone.